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Welcome, Let’s get started!

Ajita Robinson April 28, 2019

This course is designed to support each of you where you are in your business journey. Please take a moment to complete the brief survey so that I can learn a bit more about your unique needs on this journey.
Many people are overwhelmed and intimidated by the insurance credentialing process. I will guide you through each step of the process.

Also, I really want this to be a collaborative space so please ask any questions you have and feel free to share any nuggets you’ve learned in your journey.

Start by introducing yourself on the FB intro post and then complete the survey (link below):


Note: Each day you will have an action item to complete that will move you closer to completing the credentialing process.
You can search the group using the hashtags (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) and through the Photo album feature.

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