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Systems are KEY!

Ajita Robinson January 20, 2019

Systems are key to creating manageable processes in your businesses. Successful, sustainable businesses require that you (business owner) oversees systems and not people.

Systems are a set of processes that mitigate error, reduce time and are able to be replicated. This means that you can train someone else to implement these systems!

You need to create a billing system for your business.

Step 1: Verify the clients identity & eligibility

Step 2: Have an intake process that includes a screening protocol

Step 3: Provide the service

Step 4:Document the service correctly (Module 3: CPT coding and documenting the session).

Step 5: System to track progress, documentation, billing and payment! Let’s DISCUSS!

Check out the overview of the systems that are available for free and low cost to help you manage this process.

Also, watch the video!

When you’re done, hop over to the FB group and ask questions and check-in!