The Purposeful & Profitable Therapist Retreat: Your 6-Figure Book Launch

OCTOBER 8-13, 2024



Are You A Therapist With A Book Inside You?

Or maybe you've already launched your book and crickets...

Mexico is calling! Dive into Playa Del Carmen with our Purposeful & Profitable Therapist Retreat, designed exclusively for mental health professionals like you.

Imagine a setting where the ethos of Mexico’s “Playa Del Carmen” blends with the art of launching and monetizing books, journals, and workbooks. At the Purposeful & Profitable Therapist Retreat, we’re not just talking about legacy building– we’re living it.
Arrival: October 8th – Welcome Dinner Private Training on October 9th & 10th..lots of community building, rest and play-time in between. Departure: October 13th, 2024.

Why Playa Del Carmen?

By becoming authors and creators, you’re amplifying that impact, crafting lasting legacies, and embracing a life rich with purpose.

The essence of living a good life, mirrors the legacy we as therapists strive to leave. Here, we expand our impact and our income as authors and creators.

Why This Retreat is Perfect for You:

👉🏾 Are you a mental health professional with a goldmine of wisdom ready to be shared? The self-help industry awaits you! It’s a $4 Billion dollar industry that NEEDS your genius.

👉🏾 This retreat isn’t just about making money through your book—it’s about help you learn how to elevate your brand and share the magic you keep locked in your 1:1 sessions with the people who desperately need them.
👉🏾 And guess what? We’ll guide you every step of the way. Excited yet?

The Purposeful & Profitable Therapist Retreat is a game-changer, but it's not everyone's cup of tea.
So, who might want to pass on this opportunity?

Note: This retreat is NOT designed to teach you HOW to write the book. We are here to teach you how to LAUNCH, Monetize, and Serve through the product you create.

Who this retreat is for:

Who this retreat isn’t for:

What Awaits You in Mexico






What You’ll Gain

Bonuses, Because Why Not?

The first 10 VIP sign-ups? You’ll get a 1:1 consultation with Dr. Ajita AND an hour with a content creation session.

(Is it getting hot in here or is it just these bonuses?)

Ready to Write Your Legacy?

Spaces are limited and believe me, the’re filling up fast! Dive in, secure your spot, and let’s embark on this exhilarating journey together.

About Dr.Ajita

Dr. Ajita is an award-winning author, multi-passionate entrepreneur, TedX Speaker,and grief and trauma therapist. She has built a multi 8-figure successful, profitable group practice where clients AND clinicians thrive.

She has helped over 1000 clinicians launch and scale their practices and diversify their income beyond the couch.
She is known as the Experts’ Therapist. Whether she is serving in a clinical capacity, income strategist or corporate consultant, her mission is to heal generations while building generational wealth.

Check out some Testimonials from our past Retreats

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You can either select the full payment option or choose the payment plan option

Event Schedule

  • Tuesday,October 8th
  • Wednesday, October 9th
  • Thursday, October 10th
  • Sunday, October 13th

Arrive by 4pm

Welcome Dinner at 8:00 pm *Plus Ones are invited

This is a soft kick off to a wonderful week together. 

We will use this time to set our intentions for the week and evict any feelings of fear, doubt and imposter from the atmosphere. 

We focus on mapping out the Launch Strategy and the Revenue Strategy for oyur book.

They can't flow you if they don't know you! -Grant Cardone

Positioned to Profit! This is a day where we focus on pitching your book for bulk sales followed by a content curation day! 


This 5- Day Retreat is for those know they want to scale BEYOND direct practice!

The Event Location

Frequently Asked Questions

The training begins at 9:00 am on Wednesday, October 9th with events planned through 8:00 pm Saturday, October 12th. Retreat guests should arrive no later than Tuesday, October 8th

We will have a welcome dinner on Tuesday. It’s optional and an opportunity for participants to meet and engage. 

Saturday is a self care day with a group activity.

Participants will depart on Sunday, October 13th.

The retreat is not being recorded and is not available for replay.

In accordance with our goal to keep all retreat participants, guest experts and team member safe, all participants must furnish proof of Negative covid test. We will ask for proof before admission to the event. 

Refunds will not be issued. However, you can transfer your registration to another person  before August 15th. Credits are not transferrable to other events.  

Yes, we anticipate that 8 NBCC CEUs will be available. 

We will offer the training portion online and/or move the retreat dates. 


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