Profitable Partnership Challenge

September 2021 Cohort is now Closed!

Join the 60-day Challenge that will teach you to identify partnerships, negotiate and secure deals and what to say when!

Who It's For?

You’re ready to leverage your clinical skills and expertise in a different way….

You want to add another stream of income but you aren’t sure how….

You want to EARN more but you also want more FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY!

Learn Proven Methods

I will teach you my PROVEN method that allows me to secure contracts, speaking engagements and corporate consulting, licensing agreements and more.

I have officially retired myself from Academia AND will retire myself from clinical practice WITHOUT compromising my income.

 Knowing how to identify profitable partnerships, negotiate the contract, and seal the deal is a monetizable skill.

We will spend 60-days identifying profitable partnerships to leverage our income and impact.

Ready to LEVEL Up?

Payment plans are now available to join!

Here’s the reality

There are only so many hours in the day.

There are way more people who need your expertise than you will ever be able to serve

Your ability to make a larger difference requires that you move from serving in a 1:1 capacity and scale to serve MANY.

Where there are people YOU are needed.

Many of us have ideas but often times we struggle with:



Multi-passionate entrepreneur. I have successfully built a 7–figure private practice, a 6-figure Insurance billing and Credentialing agency, a 6-figure profitable speaking and training platform AND multiple passive income streams. I leverage my background in business, research and as a clinician to support other mental health professionals launch and scale sustainable businesses. 

I teach clinicians to build businesses that support your life. I emphasize the importance of overseeing systems and not people… the key to building a sustainable, thriving, purposeful practice.


“The audience was engaged and Ajita was able to hold the attention of the audience… The process was seamless and working with Ajita was a pleasure. Ajita is a captivating orator. We were so pleased to feature her as a keynote for our first virtual event. We look forward to more opportunities for collaboration in the future.”

Melonie Davis

NBCC Foundation Annual Bridging The Gap Symposium (Virtual Event -Keynote)

The audience was highly engaged. Every time I have attended one of Dr. Ajita’s presentations she does a great job of keeping the audience tuned in. I give both her content and her performance the highest rating. Her information was relevant, easy to grasp, and practical.

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

@ Black Girl Clinician Collective Retreat, Charleston, SC

"Dr. Robinson is a truly exceptional public speaker. Dr. Robinson was eloquent and inspiring as she spoke with the middle school students. She truly connected and motivated them with her heartfelt stories."

Marlene Wu, M.S.Ed.

St. Louis University TRIO-Educational Talent Search