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Legacy Wellness Group: Programs and Offers

Jil Mendoza November 3, 2022

Welcome to Team Robinson!

Our goal is to support the day-to-day operations that increases visibility and maintain the reputation of the Dr. Ajita Robinson brand and its mission to heal communities while building legacies. 

Dr. Ajita’s offerings best serves:

Behavioral/Mental Health Providers who own a private practice with intentions to scale and create multiple streams of revenue.

What members get?

  1. Training to leverage their clinical practice
  2. Training to scale beyond the couch
  3. Training and Tools to generate multiple 6-figures coaching from industry experts and Dr. Ajita
  4. Learn to build Profitable Partnerships
  5. Resources and Templates to launch and scale business
  6. Income Strategy
  7. Community


Dr. Ajita Robinson brand includes four programs helping clinicians generate multiple 6 & 7 figures businesses. 

Private Practice Academy

Private Practice Academy was created with clinicians in mind. Whether they are new to launching their practice or are scaling up to a group, Dr. Ajita will help them navigate the process. Many clinicians struggle with figuring out how to work on their business and not just “in” their business.

Often times, clinicians enter the world of private practice out of scarcity.  Sometimes clinicians start private practice because they can’t fathom working for someone else any longer. Sometimes the appeal of “Being your own Boss” lures people into the private practice realm unprepared for all that it entails.

What they will get?

  1. Access to our private Facebook community.
  2. Access to our exclusive membership site with a variety of designed-for-you templates.
  3. Training’s and resources.
  4. Furthermore, they get accountability, partnership and to pick the brain of the experts Dr. Ajita uses to support and sustain businesses.

Profitable Partnerships Challenge

An exclusive “invite only” 60-day program designed to help mental health entrepreneurs identify, secure and scale profitable business-to-business partnerships including contracts, licensing agreements, speaking engagements, and more.

Private Practice Bootcamp

Getting clinicians on the right path to consistent income and attract ideal clients with group of motivated practice owners for 6-week Business Basics Bootcamp.

The group will spend 6 weeks making sure their foundation is solid and ready for growth, expansion and abundance.

Legacy Launch Lab

The Legacy Launch Lab is curated for mental health professionals who are committed to having a living legacy while healing generations.

At the Legacy Lab Dr. Ajita helps innovator mental health professionals disrupt the status quo and stand in the zone of genius.

In the Legacy Lab they will have access to industry experts:

  1. Monthly Office Hours with Marketing and Industry Experts including live Q&A.
  2. Live Sessions with experts
  3. Access to Trademarks and Business Attorneys
  4. Funnels and FB Ads Experts 
  5. Speaking Coach, Branding and Business Credit
  6. Contracts, Templates and more!

Trainings included:

  1. Craft their signature talk
  2. Understanding trademarks and their brand
  3. Business certifications
  4. Affiliate income for therapists
  5. Securing Sponsorships
  6. Building business credits
  7. Speaking agreements and contracts
  8. Working proposals and Non-disclosure Agreements
  9. Curriculum and Licensing
  10. and many more!