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No Surprise Act Q&A

8point8 January 11, 2022



Wow. We had over 2700 people register to attend the webinar…and zoom did not cooperate!! We apologize that some of you were not able to join us live…and thank you all for your patience.

During the webinar, we answered nearly 500 questions. We also agreed to provide you all with a list of resources to help you implement the No Surprise Act notice process and Good Faith Estimate in your practice.

We can appreciate that it feels overwhelming. We hope to continue to be a source of support and information.

If you haven’t make sure that you join us in the Mastering Insurance FB community and follow the FB Page for the most up-to-date information on all things insurance.

*I’m working on testing a few options for automation in my practice…and will update you all as we figure that out.

Ok, here are the goodies:

The replay can be viewed here: REPLAY


Resources: Folder with Resources, Scripts and Templates

**DO NOT EDIT our templates. Please make a copy and edit.

List of resources in the folder:

No Surprise Act Presentation Highlights– this is a summary of the points covered

No Surprise Act Scripts and SOPs– this is an overview of how I am implementing it in my practice. Note: Please know that what works in my practice may not be appropriate for your practice.

Mayer Law Informed Consent Financial Services Template – this is the financial disclosure section of the informed consent that Attorney Dan Mayer provided.

Email Script & GFE for OON clients – this is what we will send to clients who are seeing an OON provider. Note: the link to the No Surprise Act notice will link to our EHR for signature. Additionally, the link to our schedule of fees will open a pdf for download.

DHH Forms– Model of Good Faith– This includes a sample from DHHS on what information to send in a Good Faith Estimate. The first few pages are for the provider/facility. We modified this and compiled the parts that were applicable in the Email Script & GFE for OON clients that’s listed above. Again, modify this to fit your practice needs and circumstances. There is a word and pdf version of this resoure.

DHH Model Disclosure Form– This is the disclosure notice that you have to send clients and post on your website and/or waiting area. We have not edited this form and have uploaded it as is to send to clients.

During the webinar we were asked about additional resources such as the Opt-out forms and other practice building resources.

Our opt-out forms and other templates for purchase can be found here: Templates

Additionally, we have monthly live trainings and live office hours in the Mastering Insurance Admin Academy. Join us here:

The Admin Academy covers all things insurance, credentialing, audits, etc. Our January training will include an overivew of the new billing codes, new diagnostic codes and handling new deductible resets. We have trained admins, practice owners, and more on all things credentialing, billing for both INN and ONN providers.

For practice building support(launching, growing or scaling) join us in the Private Practice Academy.

Attorney Dan Mayer offered a free e-book during the webinar. You can email him at contact_us@danielmayerlaw.com subject line: No Surprise Act Webinar

Take good care,