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Mastering Insurance: Programs and Offers

Jil Mendoza November 9, 2022

Welcome to Mastering Insurance!

Mastering Insurance’ courses are designed for professionals in the Behavioral Health Field who are responsible for documentation, coding, billing and credentialing.

Our team utilizes cases and real-world examples (redacted) to aid participant’s learning.

Admin Academy

The Mastering Insurance Team offers a monthly membership that is designed to train a member of an Administrative Team on the ins and outs of credentialing and billing.

The Admin Academy is designed to train Practitioners, VA’s and Practice Managers on all things insurance. It provides hands-on training and setting up systems to reduce denied claims and increase receivables and more!

In the Admin Academy, members automatically have access to Credentialing 101 and Billing 101 courses and our Learning Library with new topics added each month.

Program Features:

  1. Instant access to the Credentialing 101 & Billing 101 courses
  2. Live workshops with experiential learning and feedback
  3. Monthly Consultation Calls
  4. Guest Experts (billing, documentation, audits, etc)
  5. A dedicated learning community
  6. Access to the Mastering Insurance Team
  7. A 24/7 training platform that they can access at their convenience
  8. Access to our template vault
  9. Access to our pre-built project management system
  10. Dedicated community of practice administrators and billers
  11. New trainings added each month CEUs

Credentialing 101

This is a self- paced course teaches mental health professionals how to credential their practices. This course walks them through the steps from how to set up your CAQH, update your NPI, research which panels to join all the way through how to understand contracts and what to do if the panel is closed. 

Billing 101

This is another self-paced course designed to teach mental health professionals how to navigate verifying benefits, submitting claims and getting paid by insurance panels.