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Jil Mendoza November 3, 2022

What is Keap?

Before we go through this guide, below are the most common objects that we use and their purpose to grasp full understanding of the tool for campaign purposes.

Campaign Sequence

A Campaign Sequence is a scheduled series of communications that we set in motion.


This is used to deliver time-release messages to a contact.

Sequence Timer

Sequence Timers define when a series of communication occurs.

Delay Timer

This is used to determine the time that elapses between the automated communication.

Date Timer

This is used to allow you to run a step at a particular calendar date & time.

Adding Contacts

Dr. Ajita, at times, invites Guest Experts for Special Training to discuss a certain subject of interest hence the need to add them to the campaign for email reminders purpose.

There are 2 ways to manually add/ create a contact in Keap:

  1. Click the (+) icon on the top right.


   2. Enter the contact information and hit Save.

   3. Click on the link to view and edit the contact information if you want to enter more details.

Another option is to navigate directly to the Add a Contact Page:

  1. Navigate to CRM and click Contacts. Then click Add a Contact.

   2. Enter the contact information and click Save. Or click Save & Add Another Contact.

Sending Monthly Newsletters

We send Newsletters every 25th of each month indicating all the Lists of Events with the Date and the Guest Speaker’s Name. This is provided Dr. Ajita, along with Guest Experts, has selected their preferred schedule and we have arranged coverage for the entire month.

Sample of Newsletter: See image.

  1. Login to Keap using info@ajitarobinson.com
    1. Note: Your credentials are shared via LastPass for security purposes and ease of login. If your Keap login hasn’t been shared to you yet, you may request Dr. Ajita for your access.
  2. Go to Campaign Builder under the Marketing tab by clicking the 3-line icon on the top-left.
  3. From the Campaign Builder page, select the appropriate program you wish to start publishing the Newsletters to
    1. Private Practice Academy
    2. Admin Academy
    3. Profitable Partnerships Challenge
    4. Legacy Lab
      1. Note: This workflow is the same across all programs. In this guide, I’ll show you an example on how to do it in Admin Academy.
        Campaign Name: Mastering Insurance Admin Academy.
  4. Double-click/ right click Welcome Sequence and select View & Edit. By doing so, we are triggering the campaign with the goal of sending the Newsletters.

Now, we’ll look inside the Welcome Sequence to attach the goal.

  1. Drag the Email Message icon and select AA Welcome Email from the Templates tab. This is to welcome newly enrolled members (they will receive right instantly after successfully joining into the academy) along with existing/ active ones (they receive upon publishing) – every 25th of the month.
    1. Note: Morning ‘til Noon (10AM – 12NN) may be the best time to schedule these emails to send, targeting those who check their emails first thing in the morning and/or during their lunch hours for a higher open rate.
  2. Drag the Delay Timer icon to schedule a follow up email 2 days after the Welcome Email being rolled out, followed by the Email Message icon for the Nurture Email message. Another follow up email must be scheduled 5 days thereafter for the Request for Feedback email message. (I have created a Loom video for a walkthrough)
  3. Drag the Apply/ Remove Tag icon and select Remove: START Mastering Insurance Automation.

Note: In this guide, I am only able to Draft. Be reminded that when something is in Draft mode, it is inactive/ incomplete. The email drafted on this sample will not be sent. When you finish building a campaign, you need to toggle Ready and Publish your changes.


Duplication methods can be used, however, please ensure you verify the content (dates, guest speakers name, links, etc.) are correct and accurate.

Additionally, this is just a step-by-step guide of building it from scratch (to grasp full understanding in using Keap). The team has a board in place for each campaign hence, in most cases, you just need to modify/ update the existing ones.

Draft 24-hr and 1-hr reminder

It’s a good practice to remind our community about an upcoming call to help them rearrange their schedules if need be while ensuring they stay engaged until the date of the event.

For community members

Similar to the workflow above, I’ll show you how to send email reminders to members of Admin Academy.

  1. Navigating through the same board for Mastering Insurance: Admin Academy campaign, you will notice there are 2 email sequences:
  2. Similar to the process in sending Newsletters, you need to drag an icon accordingly to set this email sequence. And we will begin by dragging the Start icon followed by the Date Timer icon.
    1. Note: You can refer to the following resources to determine the scheduled events:
      1. Email responses of Guest Experts for their selection of dates
      2. Dubsado
      3. Google Calendar
      4. Trello
      5. Master Calendar Sheet
  3. Double click/ right click the Date Timer icon, click View & Edit and select a date (24 hours prior) of the first call event for the month.
  4. Drag the Email Message icon and select the appropriate email for the call details. (See Loom video for a walkthrough)
    1. Note: In the event, the email message you need to use isn’t on the Templates tab, you can utilize ConvertKit where all email campaigns are housed (as this is the ones we previously used).
  5. Repeat Step 3 & 4 for the 1-hr reminder
  6. Continue the sequence until you complete all the call events for a specified month


For this purpose, I am only able to Draft. Be reminded that when something is in Draft mode, it is inactive/ incomplete. The email drafted on this sample will not be sent. You need to toggle Ready and Publish your changes.

For Guest Experts