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Ajita Robinson April 28, 2019

Application time!

#Day7 #ApplicationTime

WOOHOO! Are you all as excited as I am?! Today is the day you locate the credentialing application for the panel you’ve chosen to apply to. Keep it simple. Remember this is a rinse and repeat process. Start with ONE. Submit and then start again.

The application varies per panel.For some panels you just need to fill out your CAQH information, name and a few other identifiers. Other panels require you to submit an actual application (rare).

The reason we are so methodical in prepping our documents and crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s is because the ease of our credentialing process is impacted by the accuracy of the information we provide. We do NOT want to have our application rejected because we missed a step.

So, go find your applications, post the link in the group or the upload the application so we all benefit, and get started.

Ask your questions in the FB group. Don’t forget to check in with your progress along the way.