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Google Workspace

Jil Mendoza November 3, 2022

Google Workspace is a suite of business applications and collaboration tools that we use to accomplish most of the day-to-day admin tasks like emails, spreadsheets, and more. Lists below are the most commonly used app we use daily.



Gmail is an email app where you will receive all emails and respond to them. 


Google Calendar

Used to schedule events. You can have multiple calendars and choose which ones you want to share.

Google Drive

Cloud storage solution where you can store, access and share files by generating a public link.

In the drive, you will find all the docs, sheets and slides that are shared with you – along with the ones you created.

Goolge Doc

Google Doc is a word processor to create and edit text documents. You can either create the doc in drive or you can open the Google Doc app and create it there.

Multiple people can work on the same document in real time so you can see what others are writing and/or editing.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application and has the same functionality as Google Doc regarding collaboration. You can 

Google Forms

With Google Forms, you can create forms or surveys.

When creating your form, you have a lot of different types of questions to choose from. You can also add titles, images and videos and even use logic to display questions based on previous responses. Note: All responses will be placed in a Google Sheet. Responses can be reviewed with intuitive graphs that are created automatically.