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Funding your Business with Teresa Pelham

support July 13, 2022

Teresa Pelham is a Grant and Funding Strategist for Nonprofit and For-Profit Businesses and
Organizations. She has experience as a federal grant reviewer (10 years), and a grant writer and grant
researcher (5 years). In addition, Teresa has eight years of experience in adult learning training and
technical assistance. She is an approved Grant Professional Association trainer. Teresa has assisted in
developing various nonprofit, for-profit, and faith-based-sponsored community programs. She conducts
grant reviews, funding searches, grant writing, and training experiences through her consulting business,
The Grants Boutique, LLC in South Carolina. In addition, Teresa was an instructional assistant for several
Grant Writing courses for Cengage Learning, aka Ed2Go. She serves as a Grant Coordinator on a $4
million Office of Head Start (OHS) Contract and on a $20 million Education Grants Management Support
(EDGMSS BPA) contract.