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Day 3: NPIs

Ajita Robinson April 28, 2019

#Day3 #NPIs

Listen to the video about NPI 1 & 2 and Why you need both.

Check out the blog post I wrote on NPI 1 & 2 for additional information:

Also, I’ve included a list of the most common taxomony codes in our field.

Next, let’s talk NPIs and multiple locations.
I see variations of this question:

Question: I am INN at this location (agency, full time job, group practice, etc.) and want to practice at another(own pp, second location, etc). Do I have to accept insurance at the other location? Can I just get another NPI?

Answer: maybe and not quite, respectively

1. There are only 2 types of NPIs. NPI-1 is your individual rendering provider number. NPI-2 is your organizational NPI.
You only get one NPI-1. So it follows you wherever your practice.

Example: NPI 1- identifies me as Ajita Robinson, LCPC

NPI-2 identifies my practice as a multidisciplinary mental health practice: Friends in Transition Counseling, LLC

2. With the info above in mind, whether you HAVE to accept insurance depends on how you are paneled.

2.a- you can have an individual contract affiliated with the group
2.b. You can be a provider under the group contract.

If you are credentialed as 2.a. Then you need to check your contracts. Many indicate that you have to accept insurance at any location you practice.

If you are credentialed as 2.b. you are likely in the clear as long as you establish an NPI-2 and separate EIN.

Go here to create your account, apply for an NPI 1 & 2 and update your information: