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Living Legacy

While Healing Generations

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Mental Health, Meet Business.

Business, Meet Mental Health.

You became a clinician to serve your community …

You wanted to make a lasting impact on the world.

But it’s been burning you out more than lighting your fire lately …

Listen, you don’t have to sacrifice your mental health to serve others.

When you’re a mental health entrepreneur, it’s so easy to put yourself on the back burner. You throw your all into your business because you know the work you do is life changing. But it’s changing your life, too. And you’re not quite sure it’s for the better.

Marathon workdays, jam-packed caseloads, mountains of paperwork, and endless admin tasks – running your own practice has pushed work-life balance out of reach. And worse, your eggs are all in one basket now, so it feels like the only way out is through. And you’re right.

But there’s a better way to run your business.

And at Legacy Wellness Group, we can show you how. Whether you’re an emerging mental health entrepreneur looking to launch and scale or a seasoned clinician ready to diversify your income, the tools you need to build a sustainable business and create generational impact and wealth are right here.

Your New Partner in


Your mental health is just as important as that of your clients. It’s time to start acting like it.

And running a sustainable business that doesn’t burn the candle at both ends is a major part of maintaining your physical and emotional health.

See, when you’re not stressed and exhausted about seeing yet another client, making payroll or finding time for self-care, you show up differently.

You can focus on making the impact you got into this business for and the wealth that aligns with the value you bring.

If you want to build a living legacy through your business, you have to be willing to do the work.

You’re worthy of a sustainable, profitable, impactful business.

We can show you how to:

On the Front Lines: Where We Need Mental Health Resources the Most

We specialize in speaking, training and consulting on mental health in the workplace, cumulative trauma and crisis intervention for first responders and their organizations.

It’s equally important that we create a safe working and learning environment for our team members to thrive. A culture of health promotes productivity and improves employee morale and team cohesion.

Hi, I’m

Dr. Ajita Robinson

In case this is our first time meeting, I’m Dr. Ajita Robinson. I’m a grief and trauma expert, licensed clinical professional counselor, author and income strategist. I grew my private practice to 8 figures to break free from the couch and spend more time with my family.

 Nowadays, I’m sticking to my mission of building a purposeful and profitable legacy while healing generations. But I don’t do it from the therapist’s couch. I train and teach mental health entrepreneurs and professionals that it’s possible to make impact and income in their line of work.

Whether your team needs crisis intervention skills or you’re building a healing legacy of your own, I have the strategies that will help.

For corporations and educational institutions (from K-12 to universities) that partner with us, you can count on me to improve the mental health among your students, staff and culture.

When you’re ready, I’ll be right by your side to share everything you need to know to be successful.

My most important work is setting you up for success. Thankfully, my clients say I’m The Best at it:

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Here’s one last thing you should know:
Your future is yours to create. But its impact
will be felt far and wide.

So, let’s make your legacy a powerful one. If you know you’re called to a greater purpose and the path you’re walking now is just the beginning, you’re in the right place.

Here, we’ll uncover your power and supplement it with the strategy you need to win.

From 1:1 strategy and consulting to inspiring the masses with dynamic talks and trainings, Legacy Wellness Group is the authority on showing life-savers and life-changers how to live their best lives, too.

Your Legacy is waiting. Ready to claim it?

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