Optimizing your Psychology Today Profile with Laura Long

support · July 20, 2022

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Laura Long, LMFT/S, is a business coach, speaker, and the lead badass at YourBadAssTherapyPractice.com where she helps ambitious, Type-A therapists push through their fears and unleash their inner badass.

Laura is best known for her off-the-cuff coaching style that includes colorful language, an irreverent sense of humor, and an uncanny ability to keep it real. Her unique approach to marketing and customer service challenges the status quo and helps therapists to become better business owners. She shows therapists how to grow and scale their practices without losing their minds – because building your private practice should be fun!

You can read Laura’s blog at www.YourBadAssTherapyPractice.com and follow her antics at www.Facebook.com/YourBadAssTherapyPractice.

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