Mental health is integral to personal well-being and vital for fostering a resilient and thriving business …

Whether you’re a clinician, an educational institution, or an employer, respecting individuals includes acknowledging and honoring their mental health needs.

Prioritizing mental wellness is not merely necessary but a definitive call to action.

And answering the call to help clients, employees, students and leaders move from the shadows of trauma into the light of transformation plays a pivotal role in our ability to impact the 
world and build lasting legacies.

Valuing Psychological Well-being Fuels Prosperity

Creating Impact And Legacy With Clinicians

It’s time to rewrite the narrative that dedication to the wellness of others comes at the cost of your success and personal mental health. As a clinician, you can change lives AND live the life you want.

You can help to heal others and build a legacy of wealth for yourself and your family. And you can do it all without burning yourself out and sacrificing your mental well-being.

The key is understanding how to amplify your impact and increase your income streams. See, as a mental health clinician, you can channel your expertise into working with individual clients, training corporate teams, guiding students through grief and trauma and so much more.

Your emotional intelligence and ability to help others break through barriers is valuable outside your practice walls. Let me help you broaden your impact and reach those who need you most.

Nurturing Mental Health With Organizations & Companies

Whether operating as an educational institution or a Fortune 500 entity, the mental wellness of your students and employees is paramount to your success. The question is – do you have the tools and resources to address and manage psychological challenges, crises, or incidents – before AND after they happen?

Crises are, unfortunately, more common in today’s educational systems and workplaces. From shootings to suicides to mass events and individual challenges, it’s imperative to acknowledge and address the mental wellness of the people under your care and guidance.

With over 17 years of experience helping students and employees navigate trauma and grief, you can rely on me as a consultant, trainer or speaker to provide the tools and support your organization needs to nurture mental health.

Thriving With Therapy

In today’s world, there are so many things that can affect your mental health negatively. There’s a lot to deal with, from pandemics to tragedies to relationships and past trauma.

And therapy can help you sort out your emotions and preserve your mental well-being during distress. If you’ve been struggling with loss, grief, or trauma, therapy might be an optimal option.

Together, we can process what you’re going through. You’ll learn how to navigate your challenges in a safe space with a professional who can relate and understand your needs, feelings and opinions with no judgment.  

And most importantly, where you’ll get the help, support and tools you need to move forward in the future – no matter what’s happened in your past. 

When you try to do it alone, facing life’s challenges is even more difficult. Tap below to get the support you need today.

Mastering Credentialing & Billing

Mental health therapy can be expensive, with many individuals needing insurance to cover the costs. As a mental health clinician, you can acquire state credentials that meet the requirements of insurance companies, ensuring your clients receive the care they need with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. 

However, navigating state guidelines, obtaining approval, and billing insurance companies can be daunting, confusing, and overwhelming. But with my team at Master Insurance, you’ll master credentialing and billing in no time. 

We’ll train you, your practice manager, and your admin team on the ins and outs of credentialing and billing – leaving you to spend less time on tedious paperwork and more time supporting clients.

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