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Appealing a closed panel, Single Case agreements and understanding your contracts

Ajita Robinson April 28, 2019

#Bonus: What to do if the panel is closed?

So, what happens if you apply to a panel and you learn that the panel isn’t accepting new providers?

Well, there are a few options:

1) Appeal! The appeals process varies depending on the panel but in general you will write a letter to the panel stating why you should be added. You want to include information regarding your specialty, modality or approaches used in your practice and the evidence supporting those practices.

2) Request a Single Case Agreement (SCA). If you have a client who is interested in working with you, you can request a SCA to work with that client. A SCA essentially is a contract that allows you to be treated as an In-network provider for that specific client. In these cases you will likely have to write a letter indicating why it’s important for you and the client to work together. For example, pre-existing relationship, clients diagnosis & your specialty, etc.

What questions do you have about SCA’s? Post them in the FB group.

Check out the samples.

File Download: Closed-Panel-Appeal_SCA-request