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Continue your practice building journey with support. Join the private Practice Academy

Starting a practice or launching to a group? Grab the private practice checklist to make sure you have all a solid foundation.

We're giving your members $10 off our Onboard With Ease webinar, which is a guide to setting up a 90 day onboarding system in group practice. code: PPTSummit22

Semi-Private practice with ken Clark is offering 25% off all course purchases (except individual / group coaching), as well as 30 day free trials on the weekly "Coffee with Ken" zoom calls. Code: Purposeful

Casale coaching is offering conference attendees 10% off of his upcoming 4-month Taking The Leap Private Practice Program. It runs 4/1-8/1. The code will not expire. Code: ATPP-AJITA

Eustress is offering 10% Off all merchandise with Code PPSummit

Nya Dialogue has offered 22 prompts for purposeful self-reflection. Be inspired to journal, doodle, create, meditate, and transform.

Guide To Becoming a Badass Consultation Call Guru with Dr. Mel

Use Your Mouth Book

Use Your Mouth Book

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