Where Purpose & Profit Meets Community: The Collective for Therapists!

The collective is a space for therapists who are tired of overworking, being undervalued and overlooked. 

The Purposeful & Profitable Therapist Collective, led by Dr. Ajita Robinson, was curated with you in mind. 

You’re ready to P.I.V.O.T (TM) and leverage your skills beyond direct practice.
You desire community, clear support and guidance as you embark on this journey. 


I will teach you my PROVEN method that allowed me to secure contracts,  Tedx, content creation agreements, speaking engagements and corporate consulting, licensing agreements, and more.

I have officially retired from Academia AND  clinical practice WITHOUT compromising my income.

 Knowing how to identify profitable partnerships, negotiate the contract, and seal the deal is a monetizable skill.

This dedicated monthly-membership based community is here to help you create wealth while healing generations. 

We provide ongoing training to keep your skills sharp. Our topics include:

  • Securing Contracts with Schools
  • Partnering with Corporations
  • Setting up your CRM for Lead Generation
  • Leveraging AI for Leads, Proposals, and more…

Payment plans are now available to join!


There are only so many hours in the day.

There are way more people who need your expertise than you will ever be able to serve

Your ability to make a larger difference requires that you move from serving in a 1:1 capacity and scale to serve MANY.

Where there are people YOU are needed.

Many of us have ideas but often times we struggle with:


Dr. Ajita is an award- winning author, multii-passionate entrepreneur, TedX Speaker, and grief and trauma therapist. She has built a multi 8- figure successful, profitable group practice where clients and clinicians thrive. She has helped over 1000 clinicians launch and scale their practices and diversify their income beyond the couch. She is known as the Experts’ Therapist. Whether she is serving in a clinical capacity, income strategist or corporate consultant, her mission is to heal generations while building generational wealth.




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