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Mental health is more than just a buzzword; it’s an essential part of how we show up in the world. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 CEO, principal, director, program coordinator, law enforcement officer, first responder or parent, mental health in the workplace or school isn’t something you can ignore.

Mental health crises are unfortunately becoming more prevalent.

From school shootings, overdoses and classroom disruption to suicide and employee incidents, knowing how to deal with crises in the moment and the aftermath, and preventing future incidents is a necessity.

That’s where I come in – the Experts’ Therapist specializing in grief and trauma.

As a bestselling author and international speaker, I teach leaders at educational institutions, nonprofits, corporate organizations and healthcare companies how to manage crises and take action to prevent them.

If you’ve been struggling to stop the rampant spread of student incidents, employee dissatisfaction or other disruptions compromising your organization’s success, my team can give you the training, skills and tools to understand, improve and respond with care. 

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Whether you’re a clinician, a corporate executive or an education administrator, it’s important for the people under your care to feel supported.

At some point, it’s inevitable that your clients, students or employees will face health issues, personal loss or some other major crisis. When that happens, it’s your responsibility as a leader to be intentional in how you respond to keep your people and your bottom line happy.

My trainings provide the understanding and training you need to live your values, honor your people and drive your business forward.

Watch my speaker reel to see for yourself:

Watch my speaker reel to see for yourself:

My thought-provoking training sessions spark transformative conversations and change behaviors, leaving your employees, students or leaders with:

Don’t let mental health issues disrupt your culture and success.


I’ve encapsulated decades of experience as a former professor, corporate executive and grief and trauma expert into transformative trainings, workshops and consulting packages customized to address your organization’s unique challenges.

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The Gift of Grief: A Practical Guide on Navigating Grief and Loss

Learn to find restoration and understanding after a loss. 

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