The Purposeful + Profitable Therapist Summit

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The Purposeful + Profitable Therapist Summit is a 2-Day Summit  designed to help you: 

Clarify your why + increase your income. 

During this 2-day summit you’ll learn to  get clear on WHO you serve while scaling your income + impact

When: January 27th and 28th, 2022 

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Get the tools to get it done.

At the Purposeful + Profitable Therapist Summit you will learn what is needed to stabilize, scale and expand your business, reach and income.

Topics Covered during the Summit....

It’s time to double down on building a Living Legacy while healing generations!

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Learn to increase your impact + Income

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"We have to disrupt this notion that serving as a mental health therapist is in conflict with financial stability and dare I say WEALTH." Dr. Ajita

You can do both.

This summit is for those feel led to serve as a therapist AND who are interested in ways to leverage their knowledge, skills, and abilities to make a GLOBAL IMPACT while generating financial wealth.

How do you know if the Purposeful + Profitable Therapist Summit if for you? Do any of these hit home?!: 

  • There are so many moving pieces in private practice and you aren’t sure where to start or how to grow? 
  • You can’t find or keep clinicians…the BIG tech companies have invaded our space
  • There’s always something to do and you need to hire but you’re not sure how to get started
  • You’re wondering if it’s possible to have a practice that doesn’t RUN you
  • You’re tapped out on direct practice and NEED alternate ways to earn income
  • You hate how Mental Health and therapy is portrayed in the media/social media and want to disrupt the stigma
  • You’re wondering if generating passive income is real or hype
  • You aren’t sure how to increase income without seeing more clients
  • You have multiple jobs…EVERY therapist I know has multiple jobs to make it and because they are multi-passionate.

This summit is truly for those who are ready to SCALE & SERVE.

Registration options:  Register Now, payment plan available

Topics covered during the summit:

Dr. Ajita Robinson

Speaking on Diversifying Income

Radiance Harris, Esq.

Our favorite trademark attorney, Radiance Harris, who will walk you through doing a trademark search and application.

IF YOU do the work, you will leave with a filed trademark for your brand and will understand how to navigate the process of securing future trademarks and copyrights. Far too often we build brands we don’t own.

Antonia Mason

Antonia Mason, our resident Marketing Expert, will help you curate a 30-day marketing strategy with content. You’ll leave knowing how to market your products and services and a 30-day visibility plan.

Maleeka Hollaway

Maleeka Hollaway, celebrity Public Relations Expert, will give us the ins and outs of securing more live media engagements. You will leave with tools to pitch for more live media and how to leverage PR to generate more revenue.

Those who sign up for the VIP package will also receive one hour with a videographer to record and batch content (pre-scripted with my team). The videographer will edit and return the videos ready for social media posting and promo.


“The audience was engaged and Ajita was able to hold the attention of the audience… The process was seamless and working with Ajita was a pleasure. Ajita is a captivating orator. We were so pleased to feature her as a keynote for our first virtual event. We look forward to more opportunities for collaboration in the future.”

Melonie Davis

NBCC Foundation Annual Bridging The Gap Symposium (Virtual Event -Keynote)

The audience was highly engaged. Every time I have attended one of Dr. Ajita’s presentations she does a great job of keeping the audience tuned in. I give both her content and her performance the highest rating. Her information was relevant, easy to grasp, and practical.

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

@ Black Girl Clinician Collective Retreat, Charleston, SC

"Dr. Robinson is a truly exceptional public speaker. Dr. Robinson was eloquent and inspiring as she spoke with the middle school students. She truly connected and motivated them with her heartfelt stories."

Marlene Wu, M.S.Ed.

St. Louis University TRIO-Educational Talent Search