Private Practice Academy

We support clinicians in launching and building thriving, sustainable businesses…

Let’s Go! 

You have the clinical skills but the business aspect of private practice is intimidating.

You’ve heard the horror stories of practice owners who can’t pay themselves; OR even worse are working LONG hours and barely scraping by.

You are committed to NOT being that business owner. You’ve gained clarity about WHO you serve but you’re not quite sure what to do first to launch your business. You can’t afford to spend your wheels.


Do any of these sound familiar?

The Private Practice Academy was created with you in mind. 

Whether you are new to launching your practice OR you are scaling up to a group we are here to help you navigate the process. 

Many clinicians struggle with figuring out how to work ON their business and not just IN their business. 

Often, clinicians enter the world of private practice out of scarcity.  

Sometimes clinicians start Private practice because they can’t FATHOM working for someone else any longer. Sometimes the appeal of “being your own” BOSS lures people into the private practice realm unprepared for all that it entails. 

Here are the facts

More than half of small businesses FAIL each year

Most therapy practices are in the red for the first 2 years

Most practices owners aren’t trained on how to run a business. We are trained as clinicians. We are often out of our element when it comes to developing a SWOT analysis or a Profit & Loss Statement, strategic marketing or developing multiple income streams

Real talk

Private practice can be lonely. No one wants to talk about how isolating it can be. We either function in silos because we lack support or we are afraid that others will steal our clients and/or our ideas. We get a few wins but we aren’t sure which strategy (social media, networking, ads, word of mouth, etc.) is working for our business.

I receive countless phone calls and consultation requests from clinicians who have been in practice 1-4 years and they 1) are working WAY too much and 2) haven’t built a business that sustains their life 3) are ready to give up 4) aren’t sure how to position themselves to profit 5) find themselves in ethical and/or legal dilemmas and need support.

Almost 90% of these clinicians make statements that sounds like, “I wish I had talked to you sooner.”

The Academy gives you the tools, structure and support needed to navigate your launch (or expansion) successfully. 

Who has time or money to shoot in the dark? This is waaaay too important to leave to chance.

You may already be in business but you and I both know that as our business grows we becoming uniquely aware of the ways WE might be in the way.

A few friends who are serious about building their businesses have already joined. You coming? 


  •  Give yourself permission to have support on this journey?
  • Decide that a supportive community with accountability was exactly what you need to move from THINKING about a thriving practice to OWNING one?! 

Private Practice Academy provides a safe, supportive community of driven, passionate clinicians who are working to build sustainable businesses while purposefully providing mental health services. 

What if you didn’t have to choose between Purpose & Profits? 

Here's what you get

Access to our private Facebook community (The Academy), access to our exclusive membership site with a variety of designed-for-you templates, training’s and resources. Furthermore, you get accountability, partnership and to pick the brain of the experts I use to support and sustain my businesses.

  • Monthly training topics
  • Private Facebook community for ongoing support
  • Weekly accountability calls and goal setting 
  • Monthly Guest Experts
  • Group Coaching session
  • Practice Building Templates
  • Hot-seat member coaching
  • Private Facebook community AND access to me (pick my brain sessions)
  • Feedback and support
  • Accountability partner
  • Optional CEUs each month
  • and so much more…

Ways to Join

There are multi options to ensure our community remains accessible to everyone who seeks and desires support. 

Monthly Membership

$ 97
  • Access monthly Trainings
  • Weekly Coaching & Accountability Calls
  • Access to Resource Vault
  • Discount on monthly membership
  • CEO Habits Box (Quarterly)
  • Early bird Access to PPTS Summit

Quarterly Membership

$ 297
  • Access monthly Trainings
  • Weekly Coaching & Accountability Calls
  • Access to Resource Vault
  • Save $300 off membership
  • CEO Habits Box (Quarterly)
  • Early bird Access to PPTS Summit

Annual Members

$ 997
  • Access to monthly trainings
  • Weekly Coaching & Accountability Calls
  • Access to Resource Vault
  • CEO Habits Box (Quarterly)
  • nearly $500 off membership
  • Early bird pricing on PPTS Summit
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Multi-passionate entrepreneur. I have successfully built a 8–figure private practice, a multi-6-figure Insurance billing and Credentialing agency, a multi-6-figure profitable speaking and training platform AND multiple passive income streams. I leverage my background in business, research and as a clinician to support other mental health professionals launch and scale sustainable businesses. 

I teach clinicians to build businesses that support your life. I emphasize the importance of overseeing systems and not people… the key to building a sustainable, thriving, purposeful practice.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...


You will have exclusive access and member only rates for 1:1 consultation. We also have monthly hot seat coaching where you can be selected for a live 1:1 session (included in membership). 

We have weekly calls and monthly training. Our meetings occur virtually via video. All trainings are recorded and stored in our membership portal.

It’s okay. All trainings are recorded and loaded into the portal.

Impossible. Seriously, if it isn’t a good fit for you for any reason you can cancel at any time, although we doubt you’ll want to. 


Ready To Show Up In Your Business?