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Dr. Ajita Robinson

In the Legacy Launch Lab you will have access to industry experts…

It’s time to double down on building a Living Legacy while healing generations!

"We have to disrupt this notion that serving as a mental health therapist is in conflict with financial stability and dare I say WEALTH." — Dr. Ajita


This program is for those feel led to serve as a therapist AND who are interested in ways to leverage their knowledge, skills, and abilities to make a GLOBAL IMPACT while generating financial wealth.

How do you know if the Legacy Lab is for you?

You are ready to build a sustainable business
Are committed to leveling up but aren’t sure how


Want to make an IMPACT while making PROFITS
Want to diversify your income
You are ready to take ACTION to Leverage and SCALE your busines
You hate how Mental Health and therapy
is portrayed in the media/social media
and want to disrupt the stigma
You’re wondering if generating passive income is real or hype
You aren’t sure how to increase income without seeing more clients
You have multiple jobs…EVERY therapist
I know has multiple jobs to make it and because they are multi-passionate.

The Legacy Lab is for those who know they were called to SERVE!

Some of the Trainings planned for you, and already in the Vault


Dr. Ajita is an award-winning author, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and grief and trauma therapist. She has built a multi 7-figure successful, profitable group practice where clients AND clinicians thrive.

She has helped over 1000 clinicians launch and scale their practices and diversify their income beyond the couch.

She is known as the Experts’ Therapist. Whether she is serving in a clinical capacity, income strategist or corporate consultant her mission is to heal generations while building generational wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

⦿ When does the event start?
Cohorts open on a rolling basis. 

⦿ When are the group coaching sessions? 
The dates and times of these sessions will be announced shortly after registration closes. Members will receive a welcome email that lists the kick off call and coaching schedule. 

Most sessions will occur at 12:00 pm EST or 8:00 pm EST

⦿ What if I can’t attend a training live?
All trainings are recorded and are available within 24 hours. 

⦿ Will there be live Q & A?
Yes, each session will have opportunities for Q & A. 

⦿ Are 1:1’s available?
We anticipate being able to open 1:1 spots with Dr. Ajita and Program Coaches. Legacy Lab members will have priority on scheduling these sessions when they become available. They are not included in the promo price and will be additional. 

⦿ What if I register and I am unable to attend. Can I receive a refund? 
The Legacy Lab is a 12-month program. You will have access for the duration of your membership and will have the option to not renew – WE WILL NOT ISSUE ANY REFUNDS.

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