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Join us for virtual and in-person experiences curated to exclusively address challenges in the mental health industry and discover how to create living legacies.

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Yes, you became a mental health clinician because you have a deep desire to serve and impact those in need.

But you can’t do it when you’re stuck in survival mode or putting everyone else’s needs first. 

It’s time for you to get out and get in the room with like-minded clinicians who have the same goals as you. 

It’s time for you to build a sustainable practice that expands your impact and income to massive levels you’ve only been able to dream about – until now.

I did it, and now I’ve made it my business to show you how to do the same. Join us for exclusive opportunities to learn how to turn your hard work and ambition into a thriving practice that allows you to earn more revenue, reach more people and create a living legacy of wellness.

More than just a workshop


If there’s one thing you can rely on us for – it’s that you’ll walk away from our curated experiences with the confidence and clarity you need to serve yourself AND your clients at the highest levels possible.

And no, it doesn’t require burning the midnight oil, sacrificing your mental health or limiting your services to one-on-one sessions. 

Every year, we host several ways for mental health clinicians to get in the room to gain access to the tactical and practical strategies you need to create a profitable, sustainable practice that doesn’t rely on you seeing individual clients as your only source of income.

Our next event is coming up soon – tap the button below to get more details so you can achieve next-level impact and income beyond the couch. 

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