Mental health entrepreneurs have been on the frontline well before the pandemic occurred. If you’re a therapist working in direct practice, then you understand the challenges related to direct practice: burnout, overwhelm, never-ending documentation, and other barriers that impact the work you do with clients.

Many of my colleagues have been working non-stop since the pandemic started. While this is great for job security, it is a recipe for burnout and compassion fatigue. The reality is that we need mental health entrepreneurs to diversify the way they serve AND how they generate income.

In this masterclass, I will show you 25 ways mental health professionals can (and should) diversify their income.

Every mental health professional needs diverse income streams for TWO reasons:

To increase your impact.

There are simply more people who need our services than there are therapists who can serve. Additionally, there are tons of people who need access to trusted psychoeducation and skills who are never coming to therapy…because stigma.

Copy of Ajita Robinson - Create Landing Page for Diversifying Income Masterclass in LWL (WordPress)
Copy of Ajita Robinson - Create Landing Page for Diversifying Income Masterclass in LWL (WordPress) (1)

To increase your income.

If you are only generating income when you are delivering direct care to clients, then your income is limited because time is limited. Generating income that isn’t dependent on 1-on-1 client care creates room for financial stability and rest.

I can talk all day about the different ways you can earn money outside of direct practice. But what people REALLY want to know is HOW.

How do I diversify my income?

How do I figure out what to offer?

How do I figure out WHO needs it?

How do I figure out how to price it?

These are all really good questions and one’s you should be thinking about.








Most importantly, are you ready to be intentional about your business and income strategy?

Copy of Ajita Robinson - Create Landing Page for Diversifying Income Masterclass in LWL (WordPress) (2)


Ajita Robinson - Create Landing Page for Diversifying Income Masterclass in LWL (WordPress) (4)

Well, I’m glad you asked.

First, it is possible to diversify your income during a pandemic. Actually, as mental health providers, we are uniquely positioned to do so IF we know WHO we should be serving, HOW we should diversify our offer, and get super clear on WHAT we should be offering RIGHT NOW.

This should be done with intention and with the consideration that we are in the midst of a public health crisis. It goes without saying that anything we are offering should be done with integrity and with the desire to have an impact on the lives of others.

Now, here’s the details on what happens next.






Stop Playing SMALL! Let’s GO!!!


About Dr. Robinson

Dr. Ajita Robinson is known as The Experts’ Therapist. She is a Grief & Trauma therapist, Award-winning and Bestselling Author of The Gift of Grief: A Practical Guide on Navigating Loss, Tedx speaker, International Speaker, and Income Strategist. She has been seen in places such as Good Morning Washington, Headspace, Wall Street Journal, Huffpost, Washington Post, CNBC, Business Insider, Bustle, Essence Wellness House, and Therapy for Black Girls.

After serving as a grief and trauma expert for over a decade, Dr. Ajita Robinson began to leverage her years of clinical experience and her previous career as a corporate consultant to launch a mental health practice and scale it to 7-figures. She is a first-generation trauma and poverty disruptor who helps mental health entrepreneurs create living legacies and financial freedom while helping communities heal.

She is the CEO of Legacy Wellness Group and its subsidiaries: Friends in Transition Counseling Services, Mastering Insurance, Conscious Cleaning Solutions, Dr. Ajita Robinson Consulting, and is an H &R Block franchisee.

Frequently Asked Questions


When does the event start?

The live virtual event begins on Thursday, February 24th. Door open at 8:30 am EST and ends on Friday, February 25th. 

When are the group coaching sessions?

The dates and times of these sessions will be announced shortly after registration from the summit closes. VIP members will receive a questionnaire that includes their availability and to submit questions to be selected for the group coaching session. These sessions will occur in March. 

What if I can’t attend the summit live?

The summit is being recorded with the exception of the music concert.  Participants who register will have access to the recordings for 3 weeks. VIP registrants have lifetime access to the recorded content. 

Will there be live Q & A?

Yes, each session will have opportunities for Q & A. 

Are CEUs available for this event?

We anticipate being able to offer CEUs for most of the sessions that meet NBCC criteria. We are  an approved CE providers through the National Board of Certified Counselors. We recommend you check with your state board to confirm whether they will accept NBCC CEUs. 

What if I register and I am unable to attend. Can I receive a refund?

Once you have registered for the Summit – WE WILL NOT ISSUE ANY REFUNDS. You will have access to the recorded content for 3 weeks with regular registration or lifetime access with VIP registration.