Where you start doesn’t determine where you go … 

Turning Trauma into Transformation

In the face of adversity and poverty, I became who I needed to be – a disruptor.

From One Parent in Prison and One Who Never Showed Up to an

8-Figure Grief and Trauma Therapist

If you’ve ever been counted out because of your past, I see you.

You see, my childhood was riddled with grief and distress. With both of my parents gone – one in prison and one who clocked out of parenthood – I could have easily become a statistic: on drugs, welfare, with multiple children, you name it.

But by the grace of God, my grandparents and therapy – I found my way out of the entanglements of trauma. And I became precisely who God sent me here to be – a licensed grief expert and clinical professional counselor, author, speaker and income strategist.

While I had the desire and the dedication to change lives, people kept telling me I couldn’t make an impact AND income as a therapist.

But when you tell me I can’t do something, I literally make it my business to find a way how.

The naysayers fueled me as I quit my corporate job and pushed to build a practice as a therapist where I could provide people toiling through trauma with the emotional tools to heal.

After years of ups and downs, wins and losses, everything finally clicked and, before I knew it, I’d built an 8-figure business.

But I want you to know that limitations can destroy destiny.

That’s why I didn’t limit myself to working 1:1 with clients. Instead, I took my talents inside the offices of corporations, schools and other organizations that needed training to honor their students’ and employees’ mental health.

I’m living proof that clinicians can make massive incomes and massive impact – no self-sacrifice or self-abandonment required.

As your companion in healing, wholeness and legacy generation, I’m here to show you the way. You can build the business of your dreams. You can change lives. You can turn your passion for healing and helping others into a legacy of wealth. 

And if you’re the decision maker at an educational institution or corporation, you have the power to honor the mental health of your students and employees.

But listen, it won’t be easy. 

There will be times you’ll want to wave the white flag and give up. There will be times you won’t believe in yourself. There may be times you’ll want to follow the status quo on mental health. 

And during those times, you’ll become stronger and wiser – IF you choose to do things differently and put in the work.

Now, here’s the great news: Making the hard choices is much easier when you don’t have to do it alone. 

See, I had to be my own support system, cheerleader, mentor and coach as I built my 8-figure business. 

But whether you’re a clinician or a leader at an educational institution or corporation, you’ll have me (and all my expertise and experience) by your side every step of the way.

I went through the fire,
so I’d be strong enough to heal others.

My life wasn’t easy, but the grief and trauma I experienced  prepared me to pour into the hearts and minds of others.

I look back on my life and know that everything I’ve gone through was not in vain.  

I’ve touched lives as a former professor and corporate executive. I’m a mother to 2 incredible children.

And with over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, I hold many titles: Grief Expert. Professional Transformational Speaker. Corporate Trainer. Leadership Consultant. Income Strategist for Therapists. 

Now, whether I’m guiding therapists on how to build legacies of wealth or training organizations and educational institutions on addressing policies and cultures that threaten employee and student mental health and wellness, one thing remains true:

I am a servant leader on a steadfast mission to disrupt trauma and poverty and create living legacies while healing generations.

Find out how I can take you or your students and employees from trauma to transformation. 

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