My Administrative Assistant deleted data and stole patient information!

That was the message that made my heart drop in my stomach.

It wasn’t happening to me but it stopped me in my tracks.

It made me ask the question: Who else feels like this? Is your practice truly protected against internal and external threats?

Immediately, I polled my community of therapists and noticed: They didn’t know what to do. 

Unfortunately, I’ve navigated a $86, 562 data breach and have a savvy IT and Cybersecurity specialist at my disposal. Lesson learned.

I want to make sure YOU are prepared. Know that these things happen every single day. 

So, after talking to fellow therapists, I rallied a few trusted resources because I NEVER want another therapist to have to deal with that gut wretching experience. 

Reality Check: Data breaches and fraud happen every single day and WE are not exempt. It’s not a matter of IF it will happen— it is a matter of WHEN.

It doesn’t have to be an Administrative Assistant or Virtual Assistant.

It could be: 

Think about it— how many posts have you seen where a clinician is leaving a group practice and they take their client data with them? We are left pondering: who owns the practice data?

The breach doesn’t have to be intentional, or nefarious in order for it to negatively impact your practice and your clients.

What happens if your EHR is ‘unavailable’ and you can’t access patient information? Is your practice closed for the day or do you have protocols in place to 1) contact your clients and 2) move to a different platform?

What happens if you have an emergency? How quickly can your team divide, conquer, and notify your clients.


We had an active shooter situation and needed to quickly alert all clients and team members because our office and all surrounding areas were on lockdown. 

We needed to quickly communicate with team members and clients so that would not come to the practice. This was a matter of safety. 

What about every day occurences like payroll…

What about team members who are “stealing time?”

 Do you have protocols in place to identify if a team member or contractor is over billing you? 

It might appear that they are inefficient and need coaching or re-training when in reality they might be overreporting their time.

Or when you’ve decided to end a contract or employment… Breaches can occur because of gaps in onboarding and offboarding. 


The cost of a breach

According to Purplesec, 29.6% of companies in the US will experience a data breach between 2020 and 2021, and 43% of these data breaches will involve small businesses.

“I didn’t know” is not a valid defense and it’s a costly mistake to remedy.

According to ID Security, a single data breach in a company will cost an average of $3.86 million. You can break down this cost into some possible post-data-breach expenses.

A single data breach in a company will cost an average of about $3.86 million. You can break down this cost into some possible post-data-breach expenses.

Cost of fixing the breach

Reputation damage

Cost of paying hackers

Legal Action

Operational downtime

Do you have protocols and policies in place to mitigate these risks? Do you have the proper insurance coverage to sustain your business in the event a breach interrupts your business operations?

I've tapped my network of trusted experts to help you plug the holes in your business.

We will send the next 6 weeks with industry experts to help increase your knowledge, skills and policies to protect your business and clients against these risks.

Week Date Topic Speaker
May 9
Preparing for termination
Joy Pittman - HR Consultant
May 16
Protecting your practice: Legal issues to consider
Attorney Dan Mayer and Melissa Wesner
May 23
Protecting your data while managing a remote team
Person-Centered Tech
June 6
Cybersecurity and online businesses
Bill Heather
June 13
HIPAA breaches…what next?
Person-Centered Tech
June 20
Identifying, mitigating, and reporting fraud in Private Practice
Dr. Ajita Robinson and Tamika Mitchell, Certified Fraud Investigator

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Dr. Ajita is an award-winning author, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and grief and trauma therapist. She has built a multi 7-figure successful, profitable group practice where clients AND clinicians thrive.  


She is helped over 1000 clinicians launch and scale their practices and diversify their income beyond the couch.
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