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The Legacy Wellness Lounge is a curated experience designed to promote mental health, wellness, generational wealth, and community. 

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If you’ve arrived here we have a few things in common:​​

You’re probably here because you are about to (or have) embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship but you aren’t quite sure how to launch or scale your business.

The Legacy Wellness Lounge (LWL; formerly Coin Collectors Academy) was created to support mental health entrepreneurs who are passionate about serving others while generating wealth.

The LWL provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills and accountability to create, launch and scale sustainable businesses. We know that entrepreneurship is often glamorized, but it’s HARD work.


"Dr. Robinson was clear, concise and able to thoroughly map out my different streams of income. She helped me create multiple tiered offers to service clients with financial differences."
Kiaundra Jackson
Therapist, Speaker, TV Personality
"Dr. Ajita asked me what my financial goals were, had knowledge of my offerings, and spoke about how each one could be leveraged to increase income without increasing my time in 1 on 1 therapeutic sessions. I recommend her because she knows what she is talking about and doesn't try to change you to fit what she knows.
Dr. Donna Oriowo
Speaker & Owner of AnnodRight
"Every time I have attended one of Dr. Ajita’s presentations she does a great job of keeping the audience tuned in. I give both her content and her performance the highest rating. Her information was relevant, easy to grasp, and practical."
Dr. Joy Harden Bradford
@ Black Girl Clinician Collective Retreat, Charleston, SC

Oftentimes we find ourselves running a business without the support and resources that we need to:


I want to normalize that there are SO many ways to build a practice. 

3 things to keep in mind:

  1. You can build a business honoring your WHY.
  2. You can build a business giving you room to take time off.
  3. You can build a business honoring your well-being. Too many of us trade a 9-5 job for what ends up feeling like 24/7 entrepreneurship nightmare.

We have 3 Signature Programs that can support you on your journey!

Private Practice Academy

In the Private Practice Academy, you receive access to a dedicated community of like-minded clinicians, monthly training, a proven 6 figure roadmap, live weekly calls, access to guest experts such as Accountants, Trademark Attorneys, and more. The Academy is also approved for CEUs.

Legacy Wellness Lounge Dr. Ajita - 670 x 950 (2)


An exclusive invite only 60-day program designed to help mental health entrepreneurs identify, secure and scale profitable business-to-business partnerships including corporate consulting, contracts, licensing agreements, books, speaking engagements, and more. For mental health entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level beyond direct practice: scale your impact and your income with the Profitable Partners program. This program teaches you to seek and secure opportunities that scale your impact. Join the list to be notified when applications re-open.​


This is our live 6-week bootcamp that is offered a few times a year. The bootcamp is designed to help mental health entrepreneurs launch and scale profitable, sustainable practices. This program provides you with a proven, evidenced-based roadmap to a 6-figure practice and beyond. This is the business bootcamp for the busy mental health professional.

Legacy Wellness Lounge Dr. Ajita - 670 x 950 (6)


Hello, I am Dr. Ajita M. Robinson!

I am a grief and trauma expert, former full-time professor and corporate executive who built a 7-figure pro-insurance mental health practice to help people heal from generational trauma and loss. I took my experience from building a thriving, profitable practice and my previous business experience and began to help other mental health entrepreneurs create global impact through living legacies and financial freedom while helping communities heal.
I am a mother of two amazing children and have a 19 year old fur baby. I am a poverty disruptor and trauma survivor. I am a servant leader.


"The Academy has helped my business in so many ways! First by creating a community of individuals as my support and having the most supportive coach ever!"
Aja Burks, LPC, Owner
Transformative Mind Counseling
"Dr. Ajita is accessible and holds members accountable as she wants them to succeed. I rely heavily on her and the information provided in the academy to grow my business."
Pamela Smith
"It's made such a difference! I've learned how to make sure my business is operating at it's greatest capability. From foundational business tasks, to how to market effectively...so much useful info."
Jamila Jones

It's time to invest in your practice.